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Dr. Sonal Panchal


Dr. Sonal Panchal is a consultant radiologist in Dr. Nagori’s Institute for Infertility and IVF, Ahmedabad. She specializes in Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

She has done splendid original research on follicular monitoring, endometrial receptivity, and PCOS. She was a professor at Dubrovnik International University, Croatia, and a faculty at Ian Donald Master’s Courses in Ultrasound in ObGyn. and Master’s courses in Human Reproduction. She is also the National Academic Director, Ian Donald Interuniversity school of medical ultrasound, India.

She has specialized and dedicated her study to Infertility, Gyneac, and high-risk obstetric scans with Doppler and 3D-4D ultrasound for over twenty years.


  • Master of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ian Donald Inter-university School of Medical Ultrasound, completed in January 2019.

  • MD in Radiology.

  • She has had training in 3D-4D US from Prof. Kratochwil, at Vienna, Austria, 2001.

  • Received Fetal Echocardiography training from Prof. Rabih Chaoui, at Berlin, Germany, 2005.

  • Training in fetal echocardiography by STIC technology from Prof. Rabih Chaoui, at Banglore in 2005.

  • Trained in 3D – 4D USG applications in Breast and Abdomen from Prof. Weissman, of Salzburg, Austria, at Coimbatore.

  • Received training in volume US in Urogynaecology at Bombay, by Prof. Yang from Taiwan.


  • Dr. Sonal Panchal has over 20 years of experience with Infertility, Gynae, and high-risk obstetric scans with Doppler and 3D-4D ultrasound.

  • She works in Dr. Nagori’s Institute for Infertility and IVF, Ahmedabad, and in her time there, she has published many papers and research, original and in collaboration with DR. Chaitanya Nagori as well.

  • She has given over 800 Guest lectures at several National and International Conferences.

  • She has trained more than 700 doctors of India and abroad for ultrasound in infertility.

  • She has been a faculty for 3D-4D US and US in infertility training programs in India and abroad.

Publications and Work:

  • Dr. Sonal Panchal has authored ‘Ultrasound in Infertility and Gynecology: Text and Atlas’, Jaypee Publication.

  • She authored and edited the book: ‘Colour Doppler in Obstetrics and gynecology- Text and atlas’; Jaypee publication first edition 2018.

  • Her work, 3D & 3D PD assessment of Pre HCG follicle and endometrium, is published in Ian Donald School Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology edited by Prof. Kurjak & Prof. Chervenak.

  • She has presented her papers in many international conferences like the International Congress on Infertility, Bombay 2003, November – Role of color Doppler for improving pregnancy rates Study of 150 cases.

  • Co-authored and published a book with Dr. C.B.Nagori titled ‘Handbook of infertility and Ultrasound for Practising Gynecologist’.

  • She has co-edited the book: ‘Ovulation Induction- a practical guide’ with Dr. Chaitanya Nagori.

  • She has authored, edited, and contributed to more than 40 books on infertility and ultrasound.

Achievements and Awards:

  • Dr. Sonal Panchal is the National advisory board member for the International Journal of infertility and fetal medicine, Jaypee publication.

  • She is the reviewer for the Journal of Human reproductive science.

  • She won the Best paper award for Assessing the correlation between ovarian & stromal volumes and fasting & postprandial insulin levels in PCOS patients: paper presented at ISUOG 2008, Chicago, co-authored with Dr. C.B.Nagori.

  • She has received a Diploma of Appreciation from Ian Donald Inter-University School of Medical Ultrasound, 2015, for training the maximum number of fellowship students.