About Gynecology Academy

Women have always played a pivotal role in their homes, and continue to do so. Times are rapidly changing. Life span of women has increased significantly world over. We have more women in the perimenopausal and menopausal age group and the medical issues women of this age encounter, are of increasing relevance now. Women are more educated now, choose a variety of careers and play a more contributory role as individuals in society. Age of marriage and child bearing has changed, increasing the incidence of infertility. Women are no longer seen as individuals living in the shadow of men and whose primary role is to produce children. They do not shy away from their medical issues and expect good health care. Simultaneously, medical care has also been advancing rapidly owing to an improvement in expanding research, newer medications and investigations, ultrasound technology, equipment etc.

This has led to an increasing need and desire among medical professionals to learn or upgrade their medical skills in the area of women health. The objective of Gynecology Academy is to provide systematic and comprehensive coverage, including recent advances and new-found knowledge in the rapidly expanding fields of Fetal Medicine, Gynecological Ultrasound, Infertility and Maternal Medicine. The academy offers training through flexible online programs which are a convenient way of acquiring specific knowledge and expertise and can be done at your own pace, time and place. We have done our best to develop interesting, interactive and engaging courses. Our expert faculty have put together their many years of diligent study of various cases including rare and challenging ones, into this teaching programs through their lectures. Candidates from all over the globe, especially practicing radiologists, gynecologists, physicians, sonologists and medical students/trainees, with varying levels of experience will greatly benefit from the courses we offer, as evidenced by our glowing testimonials.

The academy believes education and spread of knowledge in these fields of gynecology will make a big difference in the lives of our women, their families and the society at large.

Benefits of Online Learning

Learn from any place

You can choose your own comfortable learning environment: be it your bedroom, your study, your clinic/hospital or the café across the street. Isn’t that awesome? By learning from your own place, you don’t have to travel and compromise on any family commitments you might have. Learning online also ensures you are learning from the safety of your place, which is of special relevance during these challenging Covid times.

Earn while you learn

Don’t have to leave your work place, while you enhance your skills

Learn at a time that suits you

It could be at night after the day’s work is done, early morning when the mind is rested, while waiting on your patient, or after you have your cup of coffee ready!

Self-paced learning

Every individual's style of learning is different and online learning supports that. Some may want to learn at a stretch, others in small sessions, others while writing notes simultaneously, while yet others with repeated listening. In addition, while listening to talks, one can pause, rewind and re-hear talks any number of times which is not possible with conventional learning in conferences.

Short learning curve

Experience of several years of work by faculty is available for learning, through a collection of images, videos and discussions of common and rare cases in the lectures. This type of exposure to a range of topics and cases is not possible in conferences where organizers and faculty are limited by time or in onsite training where only a few cases may be seen over a limited period of time.

Enhanced learning

It’s easy for minds to wander during a lecture. Typically, delegates lose focus after a lecture or two. In addition, there is no time to make notes while hearing a lecture. In a typical conference, over extended hours, learning and retention is therefore limited. In our online programs, however, one can learn at one’s own pace and review the video lectures multiple times, until the concepts are completely clear.

Comprehensive coverage

The online lectures cover all topics and in great depth as neither time nor topics for lectures is a limitation, as is usually the case at conferences. In addition, in some conferences, lectures run in parallel in various halls, making it impossible to attend all the lectures at the conference.

Reduced Costs

Online education can cost less due to a variety of reasons. For example, there is no cost for commuting to another city for onsite training or attending conferences and there is no cost of stay or accommodation in another city. In addition, one does not have to miss out on work and the income from it.